A Strong Wave of Skilled Trades

Submarine Systems

We have extensive experience in conducting over 30 types of alterations of varying degrees of difficulty on multiple classes of submarines. Representative projects include work on Propulsion Lube Oil Systems, Weapons Delivery Systems, Ship Service and Steering & Diving Hydraulic Systems, Air Induction/Diesel Exhaust, P-1 Piping Systems, Ventilation System, Trim & Drain System, High-Pressure Drain System, and Sonar/Fire Control Suite Systems.

We have the “Government Recognized Expertise” that can perform all aspects of system and equipment installation, testing, troubleshooting, and repair. We offer highly qualified – often uniquely qualified – technicians matched with tailored teams that are also fly-away capable. Our responsiveness is well suited to the continuous modernization/improvement environment of the submarine community.

Our craftsman function within an established, tested framework of production procedures that enforce quality assurance, safety and common knowledge of standing government requirements – and they are supported by highly qualified and fully capable managers, planners, logistics/purchasing, QA, and administrative support personnel.