A Strong Wave of Skilled Trades


We provide a wide array of shipboard installations that support all Hull, Mechanical & Electrical (HM&E) and Electronic systems. We specialize in performing installations of new equipment and state of the art technologies while maintaining seamless systems integration. Our Services include the removal and/or modification of legacy systems to fully integrate with the new technology. We perform pre-installation site surveys to determine the most economical approach and validate installation drawings.

We begin with pre-installation testing, troubleshooting, repair and overhaul of existing equipment and a turnkey installation of the new equipment. All foundations, power components, wiring, and ancillary services are provided. We ensure full functionality and system integration through final operational tests. The installation is completed with post-installation onsite training, all technical provisioning and documentation.

The platforms supported include shore-based facilities and all classes of ships for the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, MSC, NOAA, and commercial maritime craft. We also support all auxiliary support craft and small boats.